The Summer Escape enters the top 100, we move to England, and other stuff…

Hello my lovelies,

So many amazing things have happened in such a short amount of time, sorry for keeping so quiet around here, but it’s been a whole lot of madness.

Firstly, we moved countries – whole continents – from South Africa to England, dog included. Yes! I have never been so exhausted in all my life as there was so much to do to get here, like pack in the day job, ship our stuff, sell our home, go on a last family holiday with my husband’s family and finish up book two – all at the same time. Yes. Murphy, is not kind.

But now, we are here. Staying in the meantime with friends in their lovely Victorian home in Olney, Buckinghamshire – oh the pretty – till we find our own place…

This was from a sunset walk I had with my BFF and my godchild the other day…


At around the same time – seriously, the same week The Summer Escape came out. It was so hectic with one thing and another I didn’t even get to blog that my book was out – but you would have seen on social media from all the kind souls etc who tweeted and shared and the general all round loveliness of others in support of this book – can’t even tell you how grateful I feel.

The Summer Escape came out on 26 May, and in the last few days it entered the top 100! It’s currently at around 73… which is pretty surreal, I can tell you! The first day it entered the top 100 it was sitting next to Harry Potter. I had a real moment when I was like … this isn’t me, is it?

But it is and somehow, miraculously, it’s still in the top 100. This is all because of the incredibly kind and supportive people who have taken the time to buy, read, review and recommend it – so thank you so much. It’s also because of my incredible publishers Bookouture – who really go that extra mile for their authors, I couldn’t be happier with them. While I enjoyed being an indie author I must admit that having a team like this is so much better for me.

Here’s the book … in the top 100, right now (3.18 pm, 1 June 2016)



Pretty spectacular – rather a fabulous welcome to England present!


In other news, I am currently busy on the structural edits of book 2 – yes they work fast at my publishing company! So no rest for the wicked! I’m quite excited for this book as it went from a novella as the self-published The Postcard and will now be a fuller, novel length book out later this year. It’s been quite challenging to add to the story without detracting from the original but I think I’ve reached a sweet spot – or at least I hope I have.  There will be several more rounds of editing and then it should be out for preorder sometime later this year with an end of year release.

It’s wonderful to be in the same place as my parents and best-friends – it’s been far too long since we saw them all, and we are loving spending time with them while enjoying the countryside and village life – such great fodder for the writing.

There are things here in England that just seem magical. Like lemon drizzle and Jaffa cakes and of course the sun being out till 9.p.m… when there is sun, wink. But then again, there’s a bit of magic in socks and hot chocolate too.



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  1. Hi Lily,

    I’m so happy that The Summer Escape is doing so well and that you have made the big move to England. Hope you settle soon in your own new home. I can t wait to read the longer version of The Postcard…you know how much I loved that book. It should be made into a movie ….I think it would be as popular as The Notebook .

    If you would like me to do another reading for you just let me know. I remember how happy you were with the first one I did for you. Always a pleasure to pass on messages from those who love you on the other side.

    Take care and happy house hunting.

    Love and hugs Barb Little ( Australia)

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