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Hello! My goodness, but you do look lovely today.  The blue screen is really your colour. Simply fabulous!

So, hello! This is my little space on the interweb.

I write contemporary fiction, often in places I’d love to escape away to, seasoned with some drama, humour, and occasionally a touch of magic.

You can find me on Twitter and Facebook, as well as Goodreads.

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Otherwise, pop on over to the blog tab where I chat about all the things that are helping me to procrastinate at the moment – such as lists, cottages I’m lusting after, the books I’m reading, and the search for a perfect writing shed, oh and the books I’m meant to be writing, lol.

Thanks so much for stopping by, please feel free to say hello – I always fancy a chat and a legitimate excuse to be distracted, wink.


Lily xx

7. One of the best books - The Cornish Escape



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  1. I just finished Summer Escape. I didn’t just read it, I savored it. Such a beautifully written novel. I found myself looking up maps and pictures of Crete so I could be there with Ria. Thank you for the best book I’ve read in quite some time.

  2. Crete jumps off the page to me in Summer Escape. It makes me escape to the Greek sunshine for a short while. Excellent story.

  3. In bed with a rotten cold and have just finished A Cornish Christmas. What a lovely, lovely book. Made the time in bed worthwhile. Thank you xx

  4. Finished reading A Cornish Christmas, really enjoyed it. Looking forward to reading Summer Escape when we go to the Dominican Republic for our spring vacation….if I can wait that long!

  5. I have just finished a cornish Christmas and loved it my dad passed away 2015 and there were things I read in the book were so close to home thanks enjoy every page sad in part is also believe in life after death thanks Janice

  6. So thrilled to have stumbled upon your writing !
    I admit I binge- read Summer Eacape and likely worked backwards to Cornish Escape and just shake my head at your talent! I will start the Christmas book today and yet again ignore those around as reading your books is my current best use of my time! Ha!
    Look forward to many more – Sherry in Arizona – USA

  7. Lily, you have turned me into a reader! I forced myself to buy a book to read while on vacation to just simply slow down for the duration of the trip….life can be so busy…. so in March and I chose randomly (a very lucky pick!)The Summer Escape. I really enjoyed it, it was so entertaining and seeing that it included a winery (because they are one if my favorite places to visit of course, and because I live near NY wine country and visit the wineries often). The book had me hooked, I couldn’t put it down! ….and for the first time in my life i finished a really great book! I have recently also purchased your two others and just started “A Cornish Christmas”…..thank you for these sweet little escapes, I look forward reading now as often as I can.

    1. Oh my goodness, Karen! I feel so honoured and humbled by your message – that’s soooo wonderful to hear! I am beyond thrilled that I’ve turned you into a reader! You’ve made my day lovely! Ooooh and how lovely to live in a wine region – life goal! 😉

    1. Great! If you follow the links to the newsletter – you can click on my latest blog post or go to the readers newsletter tab, then click on the link for the mailing list, you’ll get sent it in the welcome mail 🙂 xxxx

  8. I am a great fan of your books Lily, I have read the Summer Escape and Cornish Escape..looking forward to your next book.

  9. I have just read A Cornish Christmas and A Cornish Escape and have been enthralled with both books, they will not be my last that I read from your good self.

  10. The Summer Escape is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. It helped me to remember my time in Western Crete vividly and combined that feeling of love with the most amazing story. Absolutely brilliant, amusing, well written, I am hungry for more stories wherever they are set…sign me up – you have a fan! 😊

    1. Ah Caroline – the fabulous name of one of my most favourite characters from the book! proving that all Carolines are truly marvellous! Thank you SO much my lovely – that is so kind of you to say!! xxx

  11. I have just finished reading A Cornish Christmas and it was wonderful. If a book can make me cry and make me think about what it going to happen next when I’m out and about – wanting nothing more but to get home so I can read more – it’s a winner for me. I can not wait to read the next two. And I have had the pleasure of meeting the author and what a wonderful talented lady you are…an inspiration x

    1. Aww, thank you SO much lovely! That is so wonderful to read, I’m so glad that you enjoyed it!! Thanks so much for your gorgeous message! It was so wonderful to meet you! xxx

  12. Hi Lily, I’ve just read Christmas at Hope Cottage & loved it. Emma’s injuries interested me, in that I have been experiencing similar after a bad fall in which I tore ligaments in my ankle badly. I assume it’s a case of nerve endings coming to life, but you described it all so well, like knives stabbing into the area, or like ants crawling over my foot & other strange feelings. Sometimes the water in the shower feels like ice & other times like burning coals. You have put my mind at ease. Keep on writing, I’ve downloaded several more of your books & look forward to reading them all. Many thanks, Norma

    1. Thank you so much, Norma for your gorgeous message! It’s great to know that I was on the right track with descriptions, but I’m so sorry to hear about your injury, I hope you get better soon lovely. Thank you so much for your support and I hope you have a wonderful New Year xxx

  13. I love your books! I came across Christmas at Hope Cottage in December and then got your other 3 books. After Hope read Cornish, then Seafall and just finished Summer Escape a few minutes ago.
    Excellent writing and great story lines. I want to jump into every one of the stories and live your characters. I am going to have to try really hard not to divert to the airport tomorrow on the way to work and hop a flight to Greece! Look forward to your next book.

    1. Wow Karen, what a fabulous message! Thank you sooo much lovely, I am SO happy that you’ve enjoyed them all, wow! You’ve brightened up my day! Lol, yes I so wanted to do what Ra did a few times! I used to drive past the airport a lot a few years ago when I was working at a really awful job and I often used to think ‘what if I just jumped on a plane somewhere instead?’ which is what led to the story 🙂 Thanks again lovely – and let me know if you ever do hop on that plane 😉 xxx

  14. I have read Christmas At Hope Cottage, A Cornish Christmas, Summer Escape, and tonight just finished Summer At Seawall Cottage all since Christmas. I am so sad I don’t have another of your wonderful books to read. I can’t wait for the next one!! Of course now I may get my house cleaning done. 😊 I love it when I find an author that keeps me totally entranced. You have! Love, love your ability to write such great stories! Thank you.

    1. Wow!! Thank you SO much, Deborah! What a lovely message to receive on a cold day! I am so happy to hear that you’ve enjoyed them all, and feel so honoured that you spent the month with my work – wow! Thank you lovely it’s because of readers like you that I can keep doing this! Lol, and house cleaning is so overrated, grin xx

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