FullSizeRender (2)Hello and welcome! I write contemporary fiction often in places I’d love to escape away to seasoned with some drama, humour, and occasionally a touch of magic.Thanks so much for stopping by! Pop in for a chat, as a ‘writher’ ( doomed to forever writhe in agony over the perfect word, commonly confused with writers)  I love speaking to actual (non-imaginary) people. You can find me on Twitter and Facebook, as well as Goodreads.

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  1. I just finished Summer Escape. I didn’t just read it, I savored it. Such a beautifully written novel. I found myself looking up maps and pictures of Crete so I could be there with Ria. Thank you for the best book I’ve read in quite some time.

  2. Crete jumps off the page to me in Summer Escape. It makes me escape to the Greek sunshine for a short while. Excellent story.

  3. In bed with a rotten cold and have just finished A Cornish Christmas. What a lovely, lovely book. Made the time in bed worthwhile. Thank you xx

  4. Finished reading A Cornish Christmas, really enjoyed it. Looking forward to reading Summer Escape when we go to the Dominican Republic for our spring vacation….if I can wait that long!

  5. I have just finished a cornish Christmas and loved it my dad passed away 2015 and there were things I read in the book were so close to home thanks enjoy every page sad in part is also believe in life after death thanks Janice

  6. So thrilled to have stumbled upon your writing !
    I admit I binge- read Summer Eacape and likely worked backwards to Cornish Escape and just shake my head at your talent! I will start the Christmas book today and yet again ignore those around as reading your books is my current best use of my time! Ha!
    Look forward to many more – Sherry in Arizona – USA

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