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  1. Loved the Summer Escape. Worried that Amazon has another writer of your name listed in company with you…..and I nearly bought her book, until I read a sample…..
    Would love to be a reader.

    • Thanks so much Barbara! Yes, unfortunately there are two Lily Grahams out there, which has caused some confusion and a few headaches, I did let the publishers of the other Lily Graham know when they first released her book as my two self-published ones were out already. But they decided to let the matter stand as there is no copyright on an author’s name. So for the time being I just have to say I am not that Lily Graham,however I must say her book does look rather interesting! For a while I did publish with a second name, but my new publishers decided that we’d stick to this. I’ll have to see in time. Unfortunately this book is already finished so I wouldn’t need a beta reader tight now, but I’ll keep your details for the next 🙂 Also be sure to sign up for my reader newsletter as I’ll be doing a giveaway when the book is out xxx

      • Absolutely loved this book.I couldn’t wait to finish work and relax with it on my kindle. I loved the characters.Pure escapism!

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