NaNoWriMo, outlines, and finally: the title for my first book

I’m very excited to be taking part in NaNoWrimo this year. After spending the past six months finishing a novel; and years attempting to do that before, the idea of writing a novel in 30 days is, well, thrilling. Seriously.

And quite uncharacteristically my second novel Glimpse has an outline, an actual 3000 word long outline – I even know how it will end. That has never, and I mean never happened to me before, which just goes to show that even I can surprise myself, that … and I truly believe that sometimes the idea for a book comes in small bite size chunks, and sometimes, like with Glimpse, it arrives, practically fully formed. So that helps. Though, knowing me the whole thing will probably change as soon as I start writing it but still. It’s a first!

Either way, I’m dying to get back to writing. I’ve been editing my first book An Invincible Summer – yes I (and my editor/ideal reader) have decided on the name, finally.  I’m so sorry to the nice people who liked ‘Under a Cretan Sky’ or ‘A Greek Vintage’ I did too, but this fist with the story better.

I sent the first seven chapters to my editor/1st beta reader (very unorthodox I should have sent the whole MS but we were both too excited to wait) and the response so far has been very positive, apart from some grammar and diction changes there hasn’t been any real issues but it’s early days yet and I’d be very surprised if it carried on this way. I’m committed to going this thing properly so I’d rather redraft until I get it right. Right?

Anyway, so the past month has been great, I’ve realised that I miss the heady excitement of creation, of working all out on a goal that consumes you completely. If nothing else it keeps you distracted from petty things like how annoying bosses are … because you just don’t have time in your head for anything else. It’s bliss.

Am I weird? I’m weird. But that’s what I’m most looking forward to with NaNoWriMo. Not the distraction from bosses thing (which is an added perk) but the being consumed by something you create part, which is truly wonderful.

Anyone else doing NaNoWriMo this year? Have you done it before – and published a book from it? I’d love to hear.


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