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Believe and the magic will come

I have this little chalkboard on my desk where I’ve written the word Believe. It’s about giving myself over to the magic of writing, and trusting that when I sit down to write everyday, the magic will come. Elizabeth Gilbert wrote a while ago that her first novel was the hardest thing she ever wrote, that the words…

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The Postcard

Here is an extract from my forthcoming short novel, a magical ghost story set in Cornwall.   The Postcard *** It’s only when I make to close the desk that I see it; a paper triangle peeking out from the metal arm. It’s tightly wedged, but after some wiggling I manage to pry it loose, only in…

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Novel progress : 50,000 words

Just a short update on the novel progress. Yesterday I reached the 50,000 word mark, a new milestone.  Whoop whoop. Quite a feat I think (ahem) as it is the length of a short novel, Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook was 52,000 words and a Nanowrimo novel is 50,000 words. It’s taken longer than expected to…

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