My dream writing sanctuary

I have a writing room. It’s a beautiful space, filled with a large dining room table that I distressed myself to a light shabby chic French grey.  My chair is a Queen Anne antique that I picked up for a song, and lining my walls are stacks of my favourite books.

But I never write here.

Not because I don’t love it; because I do in theory, but because I spend all day behind a desk at the day job, feeling terribly trapped and frustrated a lot of the time, so when I do write at home, even when I try to force myself to sit in my pretty room, I can’t. Not for long anyway because after spending all day at a desk, I just can’t sit at a desk at night too.

Like Gertrude Stein said about the semicolon:

“They are more powerful more imposing more pretentious than a comma but they are a comma all the same. They really have within them deeply within them fundamentally within them the comma nature.”

The same is true for my pretty writing room table. It holds within it fundamentally the desk nature, and then to misquote Shakespeare and be thoroughly obnoxious because it is a Wednesday and my blog so I can – therein lies the rub.

So … until I can one day work from home and not mind that I spend my time at a desk for at least part of the day. I’ve thought of a few alternatives … for a dream writing space.

Like a garden room, that could serve as a writing haven …


With a bed … oh yes.


Replace with laptop, et voila … who needs a desk anyway.


Perfection … why sit and write when you can lie instead?


Spot of tea and reading … why not?


Now, to convince the husband to build me one … until then I will keep writing in bed or next to my fridge (very important).

What about you, where would you write if you could?

Images via Pinterest.


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