The last comma standing

Right. So … editing, okay … been at this for a solid week and I’m only at chapter 7. Sigh. Well, nobody said it would be easy, right?

What I am enjoying, beyond fixing the grammar gremlins and all the red and green underlined bits and shouting at MS Word because dammit, sometimes a fragment is lyrical, beautiful, and poetic and not … without argument, or alternative: wrong. It’s emphasis. It’s panache … it’s oh sod it, I’m tired, I’ll just use a comma then, are you happy now?

I’m enjoying fixing some of the factual issues, doing some in depth research and addressing some of those holes or ‘x’s’ as I left them in the text which I believed I would come back and mark knowledgeably later  …  incidentally, this did work according to plan as it actually is easier to do this after you have written the first draft, (though I do think it would need to be a case by case thing) as before you start writing you can go down a research rabbit hole that you may never dig yourself out of … as I found to my detriment when I started researching how a vineyard was run midway through writing the book, and got horribly stuck with trying to figure out if my vineyard really was organic … slow-forward two weeks and the agonies of no sleep and no writing and coming up with the X factor plan.

And then there’s the other things … like the character that popped up in chapter 3 & 4 and then was never to be seen again … out you go … and like I said I’m only at the first edit, and only at chapter 7 …  after a solid week.

Still editing … is fun. Now that I have discovered Berocca. It’s like finally painting after you’ve plastered the hell out of your walls.

Commas, though, are a drag and a mixed-blessing bag. I can’t remember who said that he spent all day writing and putting them in and all afternoon taking them out, but it’s a sentiment for which, I can relate. The well-timed, well positioned comma, can add, elucidate, and enhance. The bad one can irritate, enrage, and obfuscate. And therein lies, the rub.

Or the back space key, at least. Incidentally … the latter is the one fault that I do lament in my MacBook. Which just goes to show, that even Steve Jobs, let form get in the way of function at times. A lesson for us all.


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  1. You can join my club. The same thing happened to me. I was getting some satifactory four and five star reviews for my book published last year, and then an editor was going to review it but found several punctuation errors. I’m now in the process of teaching myself British English grammar and post my lessons on my blog. See ‘Lets Lirn Inglish togever’.

    • Hahaha! That’s brilliant, thanks Carole. Yes, let’s. It’s a good club, I’ll bring the wine 🙂 I’m also revising my grammar and panctuation, I’ve decided that in the next year I will write a book about an editor, so that I can begin ‘method acting’ for my book. I’ll definitely come check your blog out! 🙂

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