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What the Panda ate

I have a new respect for copy editors. I really, truly do. I now understand just how annoying it is when you have to undo over 4000 versions of the ‘yob’s comma’ as termed by Lynne Truss, author of Eats, shoots & leaves,┬ábecause it serves no purpose whatsoever and thus makes you, a yob. I’ve…

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The last comma standing

Right. So … editing, okay … been at this for a solid week and I’m only at chapter 7. Sigh. Well, nobody said it would be easy, right? What I am enjoying, beyond fixing the grammar gremlins and all the red and green underlined bits and shouting at MS Word because dammit, sometimes a fragment…

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Finished Book!

So … yesterday something rather magical happened, fuelled by Nespresso, the remnants of a hangover from the night before, as well as lack of food: I finished The Book! Working title/s: A Greek Vintage / Under a Cretan Sky / My Invincible Summer / An Invincible Summer … I will be having a vote on…

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