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Sometimes a genre chooses you

This may come as rather a surprise to the lovely readers who have so very kindly followed my blog (much love to you all) but until now,  most of the unfinished manuscripts filling my desk draw were all fantasy novels. Sort of in the vein of, but obviously not half as brilliant, as Neil Gaimon or Terry Pratchett. Don’t…

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The last comma standing

Right. So … editing, okay … been at this for a solid week and I’m only at chapter 7. Sigh. Well, nobody said it would be easy, right? What I am enjoying, beyond fixing the grammar gremlins and all the red and green underlined bits and shouting at MS Word because dammit, sometimes a fragment…

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Finished Book!

So … yesterday something rather magical happened, fuelled by Nespresso, the remnants of a hangover from the night before, as well as lack of food: I finished The Book! Working title/s: A Greek Vintage / Under a Cretan Sky / My Invincible Summer / An Invincible Summer … I will be having a vote on…

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