The Postcard

Untitled-4 Here is an extract from my forthcoming short novel, a magical ghost story set in Cornwall.  

The Postcard


It’s only when I make to close the desk that I see it; a paper triangle peeking out from the metal arm. It’s tightly wedged, but after some wiggling I manage to pry it loose, only in a way, to wish I hadn’t. It’s a beautiful, old-fashioned French postcard, like the kind we bought when we went to France on holiday when I was fifteen and I fell in love with everything en français, it has a faded sepia print of the Jardin des Tuileries on the front, and in elegant century print: Carte Postale on the back.

It was blank. Except for two words, two wretchedly perfect little words that caused the tears that had threatened all morning to finally erupt.

Darling Ivy …

It was addressed to me. I didn’t know which was worse, the unexpected blow of being called, ‘Darling Ivy’, seeing that she’d had this one last message waiting for me all this time, or that she’d never gotten to finish it. I suppose it was a combination of all three, each one a velvet tipped dagger that skewered my heart.

Background to The Postcard …

I decided to do something really strange, against the rules, and rather crazy probably, and it turns out fabulously exciting, well for me anyway. I was excited for NaNoWriMo. I had an outline. I had 3000 words for a book I’d been wanting to write for a while called Glimpse.

But somehow I just couldn’t do it. I didn’t know why. Until, the other morning on my very long commute to work, An Idea … came to visit. One of those, stop the bus, I need to do this right now ideas. So I switched, and got started with The Postcard and I’ve pretty much been writing solidly since.

The Postcard, is a ghost story  with a hint of magic, set in Cornwall at Christmas time (I am obsessed with beautiful Cornwall)  I intend to release it early December, in time for Christmas. (I had to break this news to my editor, who surprisingly took it rather well.) The plan, is to possibly release two versions, a special Christmas edition and later a slightly longer, evergreen one. Though perhaps this may change.

I designed the cover  (My name is Lily and I play in Photoshop, grin, though I thought it turned out quite nicely for a rough draft) it will, of course, change quite a bit once my designer and photographer (aka very talented friends) take the wheel, as it needs a bit of shadow for some mood (bring in an element of ghostly otherworldliness, I think), as well as perhaps, a little hint of Christmas with some tasteful swirls or snowflakes or something … and we’re probably going to reshoot the image as well.

I’d love to hear what you think!


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