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Why write anyway?

I’ve heard it said before: writing is not for the faint of heart. Like acting, you’re only as good as your last gig. Where you can go from being praised to vilified from one piece of work to the next, and it’s almost impossible to know which one it will be, half of the time. I…

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Enjoying the ride

A Greek Vintage, ( working title – I have been playing with the idea of ‘Under a Cretan Sky’ as well …) my novel set in Crete, about love, loss and following your heart featuring a burned down vineyard, an unsolved mystery, and a journalist, who after losing everything, is on the search for a new life …  is winding its way…

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Lessons from Lesley Lokko

Last night I attended the launch of Lesley Lokko’s latest novel In Love and War at Love Books in Melville, Johannesburg, and was lucky enough to spend a little time chatting with her about her process and what inspires her novels. She’s written nine books, and publishes a book a year. She’s Ghanian and Scottish, and spends…

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