New look and feel

As The Book nears completion I have been looking at changing the format and the appearance of my blog towards a more professional image, that will have long-term potential when it is incorporated into a more traditional author site (once the book is in the world). While I still want to keep my blog as fun and information packed as it is, I think it’s important that your look and feel is professional – or more importantly reflects the kind of brand you wish to create.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with a talented designer, Tanya Kakorilis from The Tin Can Studio, who is a great friend as well – she’s someone who just gets me, from the colours I like, my personality, the books I intend to write in the long term and the importance of creating a recognisable brand.

I think that would be my advice to any writers out there – unless you are very very good at design yourself, it is important to get it professionally done. I have seen this time and again – particularly with book covers. It needs to look like something that would exist in a bookshop if it has a hope of succeeding. Sure there are exceptions but my theory is give your book the best chance it can get by having it professionally done.

My next tip would be to work with someone who gets you and wants to design something that reflects your work and who you are as a person, because when it happens it’s thrilling, not to mention the fact that it will save you a lot of heartache and time.

This is my new logo – isn’t it pretty?


Here are the others she designed:

Lily_logo_idea_2 Lily_logo_idea_3

I love them all, and quite honestly may just use them as I refresh the branding every year. Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear!




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