The other ‘Lily Graham’

So it was bound to happen I suppose. But there’s another Lily Graham. She’s an author too or will be when she released her book on 30 April. I know this because for a little while there today her book was linked to my Goodread’s profile. And I knew this because a reader sent me a mail saying, ‘How come we haven’t heard of this one then yet, hey? Heard about The Postcard for months’ … lol.

Luckily the publisher of the other Lily Graham de-listed her books from my profile (after several w-h-a-a-t is going on emails from me) but just in case I thought I’d let you know that: no I haven’t written a book called ‘The Phone Rang’ that is someone else, grin.

Unfortunately this may mean that I will have to add some kind of differentiator to my name to separate us as unfortunately it doesn’t look like they will.  I was thinking Lily ‘the only’ Graham? Or Lily (the first) Graham. Just kidding. But perhaps something like Lily Rose Graham. That’s my second name there. Rose, not ‘the only’.

What do you think? I could make up a fun second name like Lily Marabella Graham. Or have like a fighter’s name like Lily ‘Bladerunner’ Graham (kidding). I don’t run …  clearly this needs more rumination.

My next book will be called An Invincible Summer which we’re aiming for a May release if you see anything else assume it’s not me, grin.

It may be released under Lily Rose Graham …

P.S. Rose? Marabella? Nashville-lover. What would you do?


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