Reading is a touch of magic


I love reading. It’s my first love, and for a long while growing up I seriously considered ways in which I could do it professionally. You know, read for a living. It’s why after I studied journalism I did my honours in publishing, only to come crashing back to reality when I realised that I wouldn’t actually get to read everyday all day. Sigh. I’d have to work with spreadsheets and other people. So I went and got a job as a journalist instead. So that I could at least factor out the spreadsheets.

Still though, I have this fantasy, maybe you have it too, where I’ve been given a year off from everything and I could just exist in some wonderful cosy library with books all the way to the ceiling, a spot for Fudge (my snore-monster bulldog) overlooking the sea (of course) in Cornwall (naturally) and just read. It would be bliss.

I have this image on a pinboard at my work, it always makes me feel calm. And makes me long for a reading room of my own.

Now that I write books too – which is really about as fun as reading them (most days anyway) I read as a reward, after the daily grind and my long commute.

I’m currently reading two fabulous books at the same time (an affliction that began in childhood, I’m always reading two at once, just not at the exact time).

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The first is The Mermaid’s Sister by Carrie Ann Noble, which was just released on Sunday, and I’m almost done. It’s so beautiful. Set in Pennsylvania it follows the story of two sisters, the eldest Clara discovers shimmering scales just beneath her sister’s skin, realising that her sister is turning into a mermaid and she must save her by getting her to the ocean before anyone realises. Written almost like a fairytale, it’s magical realism at its best. There’s even a pet wyvern (dragon) named Osbert whom I’ve fallen in love with. It’s lyrical, poetic and gorgeous.

The other book I’m reading is Up with the larks, by Tessa Hainsworth. It’s a really well-written true story about a successful business executive who gives up her high powered job to move to Cornwall. It’s really funny and poignant, and asks the question about what we really need for happiness. Like my own discoveries around joy it’s often the simplest things that provide it – more time for dreaming, less stress and being in a place that fills your senses, not necessarily your wallet.

There’s something really magical about a good book. It’s more than an escape, it’s an invitation to hit pause, savour some joy, and ultimately to dream.

What are you reading? I’d love to hear about it. I’m always on the lookout for great new reads!

Images via Pinterest – you can find some of my ‘dream’ boards here if you like.


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