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Reading is a touch of magic

I love reading. It’s my first love, and for a long while growing up I seriously considered ways in which I could do it professionally. You know, read for a living. It’s why after I studied journalism I did my honours in publishing, only to come crashing back to reality when I realised that I…

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The pursuit of joy

As a wellbeing writer I spend a lot of time thinking about joy. What it means, how we find it and hold onto it, and how important it is. I think a lot of us sandwich our lives between work and home and put off happiness till some future date, only it doesn’t really work…

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Down with love?

When I first started writing fiction some 10 years ago, what came out was fantasy; a magical world, with witches, spells, and battles between good and evil. It was a love affair that began in childhood, and is unlikely to ever disappear. I still have these stories, which lie close to my heart, and one…

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