Win a signed copy of The Paris Secret!

Hello my lovelies! As it is a gloomy Wednesday I thought it might be nice to do something a little fun. So I am doing a signed paperback giveaway of The Paris Secret!

The story, as some of you will know, is very dear to my heart as it is inspired by my love of reading, bookshops, family and Paris.

The question for the giveaway is inspired by the lead character, Valerie, who discovers to her surprise as she never knew her mother growing up … that her favourite childhood novel is the same as her mother’s… In a way this is true for me (not the not knowing my Mum, lol, but sharing the same favourite children’s book, which is Anne of Green Gables. I still remember her suggesting it to me when I was about ten or eleven in the local library and how much I fell under the spell as soon as I cracked open the spine and smelt the old pages… (Libraries like Bookshops are always a little magical to me!) To this day Anne Shirley remains one of my favourite ever fictional heroines.

So … all you need to do to enter the competition is like/follow my Facebook page – see here (if you haven’t already) and answer the question on the FB site. 

The question is: What was/is your favourite children’s book? And (if you also want to answer this question for a bonus point:  Who is your favourite fictional hero/heroine and why. (Feel free to answer both if you like as I’d genuinely like to know and it would be fun to see if everyone’s answers !)

The winner will be chosen by COB 30 November and is open worldwide. I will be putting the names in a hat and randomly selecting it. I’ll put your name in twice if you answered both questions 🙂


Lily xxx

The Paris secret - SquareGraphic - 4


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