Christmas at Hope Cottage enters the top 15 on Kobo and top 100 on Amazon!

Just wanted to say a HUGE, fudge-filled, massive thank you to you guys for downloading Christmas at Hope Cottage! I’m thrilled to announce that it’s now in the top 100 on Amazon UK, and is currently no 14 on Kobo UK, and no 2 in the contemporary romance category there as well, woo hoo!

Of course, trust me, it’s not about hitting the lists that matters most to me – it’s the fact that with all the books out there you guys have chosen to read mine,  and your support means that I get to keep it up, which means the world! So thank you!!

Here’s a snapshot for prosperity, grin. On Amazon in particular this little bit of magic moves fast so it will most likely drop out of the top 100 which is why I am a screen saving diva lol 🙂

Also, just to let you know Christmas at Hope Cottage is on special at a very low price, so if you haven’t go your copy yet it’s only 99p!



On special at 99p!.png


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