Take a cinematic peak inside Hope Cottage

So as my new book is out in three days time. (Three days?!) I thought I’d do something fun and offer you a sneak peak inside, a little cinematic tour of what it would look like if it were a film … I hope you enjoy my little sketch trailer! x

In the small village of Whistling in rural Yorkshire, with its rolling green hills, purple moors and butterscotch cottages, some things never change. October marks the start of the frost, it always snows at Christmas and whenever anyone’s in trouble they visit Hope Cottage, where remedies come on plates…

christmas cottage

It is here that the Halloways have lived for over two-hundred years, making recipes that many believe have the power to change lives.

“It is said that when a Halloway woman kneads dough, long-held quarrels iron themselves out, and when she sieves flour, things fall smoothly back into place…”

Yet not everyone comes knocking on their particular door, with it’s knocker shaped like a curmudgeon of a cat, as not everyone is convinced that the Halloways are who they say they are…

“The Leas’ think the Halloways are witches, the Allens’ that they are expensive frauds, no one remembers long ago that they all used to be friends …”

It is this that has led to one of the oldest feuds between the three largest families in the town since anyone could remember.

A feud that got in the way between a young girl and a young boy …  a boy that happened to be an Allen, a girl that happened to be a Halloway …


And made her run away …  away from the family business of meddling in people’s lives via food,  and away from the boy she’d given her heart away to at the age of six, most of all. a0a7c67b1c406f0e37615ca9b76cd7a3

Now twenty-eight, a successful food historian and writer, Emma Halloway thinks she’d got it all figured out.


Except life has other plans … as this Christmas Emma Halloway, is coming home…

Where her grandmother and her crazy aunts believe that they can fix anything with food, even a broken heart.


Except, not everything is as it was … for one thing there’s a new lodger at Hope Cottage, who is always in the way and he seems to have some new ideas himself … ideas about what makes a happy life, and why family matters most.


And as the snow begins to fall, and the Christmas lights are strung up and history seems to repeat itself, Emma Halloway will have to decide between love or family, or if one ever needs to choose at all?

This Christmas promises to be one she’ll never forget …

This October, experience the magic for yourself.

CHRISTMAS AT HOPE COTTAGE Available from all good online bookstores on the 18th!

Get your copy here!

Hope you enjoy my little cinematic sneak peak, let me know what you think!


Lily xx

Lily Graham 16 aug

Images courtesy of Pinterest, cover image Bookouture, 




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  1. Hello

    I pre- ordered the book on August 17. Really looking forward to reading it , and now I have a visual to go along with it. Keep you great novels coming – I love them.


    Sent from my iPad


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