Summer at Seafall Cottage’s radio debut!

Sundays are fabulous, and last week Sunday was particularly lovely. I was absolutely thrilled, and touched, that Summer at Seafall Cottage was selected by the fabulous Tracey Edges as Book of The Week on the local radio station, SirenFM, for her show, The Sunday Girl. 

“Although a great summer read, it’s always nice to escape into a good book whatever the weather … and this was not just a romantic novel, but an intriguing mystery.” Tracey Edges.

Friends and family were notified before the event and we all tuned in to listen all around the world, and it was really special. The show is really great, the music is brilliant and she’s really funny, and endearing. I know I’ll be listening to her show loads from now on!

If you’d like to hear my debut though – which includes a really gorgeous, atmospheric summary of the novel, as well as a fantastic tie-in song! Here’s the link, I’d recommend listening to the whole show as it’s really brilliant, but if you just want to hear Summer at Seafall’s radio debut you can skip ahead to the last ten minutes of the show.

Thank you so much again to Tracey and SirenFM, this was truly special, and it was a real honour!




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