My top 10 pet peeves

Hello, hello! My but you do look fabulous in that shirt. The screen really brings out your eyes.

A completely irrelevant picture just because it was pretty and I wish I was there.

So I thought, because, you know, I have lots of work to do, like cleaning out my closet, taking the dog for another walk, oh and editing my Christmas book, which has just come back for round three or four of edits (have literally lost count which number I’m on) that I’d  write a blog post. Procrastinating is alive and well. It’s a sport I am rather great at, if I may be allowed to brag. I’ve always been an over achiever.

A while ago, I did a post about my love list, I am a person who likes to categorise things into lists for no other reason than that it is an excellent form of procrastination, again.

So, I thought I’d do a little list of the random, often silly things that drive me bonkers, just because it’s Thursday and well why not. Apologies if it’s Wednesday, I’ve had to take a wild stab in the dark because I’m too lazy to look at the calendar.

  1. When you ‘unsubscribe’ only to be sent an email from the person/company that you just unsubscribed from that same day. Yes Yummly I’m talking to you, pffft. I don’t care that that recipe actually looks fab, I’m on a diet now, okay? So bugger off, please, while I enjoy my broccoli lettuce sandwich, thanks.
  2. When someone says female instead of woman, its not common in the UK (thank God) but in South Africa some people (you know who you are) say it sometimes, not often, but enough to drive me insane. So they’ll say something like, ‘That female writes so beautifully.’ A little piece of me dies when I hear or read this. Even typing that hurt.
  3. When people say ‘Baby,’ instead of ‘the baby.’  So for instance, they’ll say ‘I gave baby his bottle.’ I don’t know why it drives me nuts but it just does. Like: toes curling in agony, nuts.
  4. When you are writing and you hit caps lock by mistake. SO YouR wOrds GO ALL WeIrD, THEN CAPS, thEN no caps, thEN YOU FINALLY nOTice aND YELL argghghghg F%$%$^%^!! and then you delete it ONLY TO DO IT AGAIN! This hApPens to me EvERY. SiNGLE. DaY
  5. Authors who make other authors feel ashamed of what they write or what people like to read. It’s almost always the whole genre fiction vs. literary fiction debate.  Let’s cut the crap. It’s fiction. What you’re really saying is ‘this made up thing is better than that made up thing,’ and when you look it like that, well, it’s bloody silly to have airs and graces about a bit of make believe, right? Also, seriously now, it’s a mad cruel world, and some people get real relief from their books, and just aren’t in the head space for anything dark or gritty, real world / or the opposite and can’t take light and fluffy, so why make them feel bad?
  6. When a network cancels one of the best TV shows. Especially when you just get into it. Gah! Yes, Amazon I’m talking about you and Good Girls Revolt!
  7. The lack of warm and witty female centric shows. Growing up there were some real corkers, like Gilmore Girls, Sex and the City, Felicity etc. I’ve found it really hard to find anything like that nowadays.
  8. Book hangovers. I kind of love/ hate these. I just finished The Nightingale by the brilliant Kristin Hannah and couldn’t read anything else for most of the week. I also had a Harry Potter marathon and literally felt lost afterwards.
  9. Those super short shorts that don’t cover butt cheeks but reach the armpits. Why is this a trend?!
  10. How sugar is in everything. Even  spices – gah!

Are any of these your silly pet peeves too? I’d love to hear!  xx




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