Moving to Suffolk and other adventures

It’s been three weeks since we’ve moved to Suffolk into our first home since leaving South Africa three and a bit months ago, having stayed with our dear friends who kindly put up with us until we got ourselves set up.

No one was more surprised than us that the husband got a job in Suffolk, especially as historically my great grandfather hails from there – perhaps he had a hand in it? I’d like to think so.

There was a mad scramble to find a place within two weeks and somehow we pulled it off – though we got a few grey hairs in the process. Rental agents and landlords really don’t smile on people with pets sadly. But luckily we came right and found a little place and moved in during the first week of September. The move was exciting – with one thing and another it involved me driving the dog across country – the longest driving trip I’ve had by myself since landing in the UK – I’m happy to report that it went well, even if my nerves were a little shot! Fudge slept through most of it but perked up just as we were around the corner from the house. She does look a bit like she’s saying ‘Are we there yet?’ lol.


Our house is alongside a national park and about fifteen minutes away from the sea – the first day I heard seagulls from my window I turned about five with the excitement. Living near the sea has been a long held dream – and I’m happy to report that I’ve tried to make the most of it so far with ice-cream cones and the obligatory fish and chips on the beach! We’re a few minutes away from Felixstowe, and half an hour from Aldeburgh, the latter is my fast becoming my favourite little seaside town.


With autumn on its way though – it’s gotten pretty chilly in Suffolk, so we’re looking forward to many nature walks in the nearby national park – I need it to work off all the cream teas I’ve sampled since I landed in the UK!

Novel wise I’m hard at work on book three, which is firmly in the first draft stage at present. It’s wonderful to have my own space to write again, though most of our furniture is still due to arrive in a container at the end of October – sigh! I’ve made do with a desk I borrowed from my parents – they also supplied an air mattress for our first few nights. Thank goodness for them. Luckily we bought a new bed which arrived a few days later.We’re using a bistro set in place of a couch, and the only room that really looks like something apart from our bedroom is my study – shows where my priorities are right?

In other news, A Cornish Christmas is out on 30 September – just nine days away, eep. A Cornish ChristmasThank you to everyone who has grabbed a copy and for the bloggers who left early reviews via Netgalley I’m so thrilled you’re enjoying it!





Hope you’ve all had a lovely Summer!




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