Big news and lots of hugs

Hello everyone!

I’ve been sitting on some really big news for a while, but I’m delighted to tell you my news – YAY ! Which is that I’ve signed a three book deal with the incredibly dynamic and lovely publishing team Bookouture.

What’s doubly exciting – and you are the first to know about it is that the deal includes my first two self-published books – An Invincible Summer and The Postcard, the first of which will be re-released this May as The Summer Escape.  The third book – an original- yay – will be releasing in April 2018.

For those who have already read my two self-published books, there will be a few new twists and turns, as well as the chance (yay finally) to get hold of a print copy! While I’ve loved the freedom and incredible support I’ve received via self-publishing, I’m excited for this new venture which will allow me to spend more time doing the thing I love which is writing more stories, grin!

I’m so thrilled that the team have offered to publish these titles as I truly believe that with their guidance and experience the books will reach more readers and have the chance to blossom from their years of expertise – already I can tell you that the initial edits of An Invincible Summer, now The Summer Escape show the benefit of having an experienced women’s fiction editor on board – editors are wonderful human beings people!

My other bit of news is that The Postcard will be re-released later this year with a brand new name and will become a full length novel! As many of you know, The Postcard holds a very special place in my heart – I wrote it in a fever, sometimes up to 15 hours a day in a few weeks and it was the first title that I released into the world. The response from book bloggers and readers was overwhelmingly kind and supportive and couldn’t have been a nicer introduction for a newbie author and for that I will always be so grateful!

Most of all though I just wanted to say thank you to all of you  because without your support from reading my books, the emails, tweets, and gorgeous reviews that I’ve received I’m not sure I would be embarking on part two of this amazing adventure. I so hope you’ll be coming along for the ride.

Update!! : Originally the plan was to de-list my self-published titles this week (3 Feb 2016) but as this would lead to a loss of the amazing reviews you guys have taken the time and effort to leave, which would be devastating, my publishers are in communication with Amazon to move them over. I’m really holding thumbs that we’ll be able to keep them!!

So if you’ve been meaning to read An Invincible Summer or The Postcard, you will still be able to get them for a little while longer from  Amazon . You can get them here or wait for their fresh new release later this year.

With much love,

Lily xxx









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  1. Hi Lily…I’ve not been well so just now seeing this….wow…pretty exciting stuff! I actually did read Invincible Summer and loved it…The humor in the main character was so fun…it really brought a feel of familiarity and honesty to her. The supporting cast were all so interesting in their own way….and the internal conflict surrounding it was something I can relate to.It may have been a chic book but I enjoyed it….but most men would…if they could get out of their own way…lol!Congrats on your success, Jarry

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