An Invincible Summer out now!

Exciting news!! My latest book, An Invincible Summer is out now!

Thanks so much for your encouragement and the fantastic emails, tweets etc. it means a lot that so many have been looking forward to reading it! I’m thrilled to be able to say it’s out now finally, grin.

Sometimes running away is the answer …

An_Invincible_Summer_cover_LRGRia Laburinthos has had enough.

Enough of pain, heartache, and her horrible boss aka ‘The Devil-Who-Wears-Birkenstocks’.

So she runs away. To Crete.

Bound by the tales she heard growing up from her beloved Yaya. Stories of sun-drenched olive groves, cobbled sea-front tavernas, honey drizzled over thick, creamy-white Greek yoghurt, and wild, pink-tinged peaches warm from the sun.

What she doesn’t expect to find though is a thousand-year-old family vineyard that burnt down amidst a sea of controversy, and the enigmatic son who is trying to resurrect it. Or to uncover the ten year mystery that someone has gone to a lot of trouble to keep buried …

Part romantic comedy, part mystery suspense An Invincible Summer is a light-hearted romance about having the courage to start over, follow your heart, and fall in love again.

Available now!

You can get it here from Amazon US and Amazon UK 🙂

Want a review copy?

Let me know if you’d like a free review copy, you can pop me an email or leave your email address in the comments and I’ll send you an e-copy of your preference.

Have a great week!

Lily xxx


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