An Invincible Summer cover reveal!

Drum roll … it’s finally here! The cover for An Invincible Summer. Hope you like it! Read on for the blurb and due date … just a little over a month to go!


Sometimes running away  is the answer 

On an ordinary Tuesday Ria Laburinthos decides to run away. There is nothing ordinary about her decision though. It’s been coming for years. Years of grief and her dreaded job as an obituary writer. Then when her horrible boss aka ‘The devil-who-wears-Birkenstocks’ asks her to share her story, about how the best day of her life turned into the unequivocal worst, she decides enough is enough.

Which is how she finds herself on a plane to Crete bound by the tales she heard growing up from her beloved Yaya. What she doesn’t expect to find though is Elysium a thousand-year-old family vineyard that burnt down amidst a cloud of mystery, and the enigmatic son, Tom Bacchus who is trying to resurrect it.

Part love story, part mystery An Invincible Summer is a story about having the courage to start over, follow your heart, and fall in love again.

Releasing end of May 2015.

Spots are still open for my advanced review copy list – please let me know if you’d like to be added to the list? You can send me a mail or just leave a note in the comments.


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