Writing, books, and life. An interview with the lovely Samantha Tonge

I’m thrilled to be interviewing the fabulous romantic comedy writer Samantha Tonge, author of Doubting Abbey, From Paris with Love, and Mistletoe Mansion.

Tell us a little about yourself?

I live in Cheshire with my lovely husband, two fab children and two cheeky cats. I have sold over 80 stories to women’s magazines and have had three novels published by Carina UK. I love writing romantic comedies. And eating cake.

Now tell us something about yourself that someone would be surprised about, grin.

Ooh, um … I am not very well read. Four academic years at university put me off the written word for a long time. I gradually got back into it by reading women’s magazines. This is probably why I write very commercial fiction!

Did you always want to be a writer?

It sounds corny, but I always knew at the back of my mind that, one day, I would write. I never did anything seriously about it though, until my late thirties when my youngest started school.

Your books are really lovely, funny and well-written. Doubting Abbey was hysterical and I just loved your latest book Mistetoe Mansion. What’s coming up next?

Aw that is so kind, thank you! Well, my next book is another romcom and stars a new set of characters. It is set abroad and has not one, but two VERY hot heroes!

Do you have a favourite leading lady or man from your novels. Or would that be like having a favourite child?

I do have a HUGE soft spot for Gemma from Doubting Abbey – she has the kindest heart and is the ultimate, loyal best friend. Plus she makes me laugh – I never know where she is going to take me!

What is your writing process – do you write every day? Where do you write?

I am lucky enough to write more or less full time. I write at a tiny desk, in the spare room. I used to be paranoid about noise and put ear plugs in, but I am much more laid-back now.

What’s the biggest lessons you’ve learnt in your career as a bestselling author?

That not everyone is going to like your work. That complete strangers can be incredibly generous with their support. And that if you never give up on your dream, you will get their eventually.

30 second Sam

Champagne and canapés or tea and scones? Tea and scones (although can I have coffee? ) Course you can, I’m a coffee girl meself, grin!

Sea or country?  Ooh, difficult one… For a complete getaway, the countryside

Dogs or cats?  Cats! I have two, one short-haired ginger and a long-haired tortie. They are both ill at the moment so I feel like a veterinary nurse, dispensing 6 tablets and one syringe-ful of medicine every day!

Plot or free form?  Normally I would say plot – but with my current work-in-progress I am flying by the seat of my pants… Which makes me a little nervous, but it is very exciting!

Connect with Sam

Follow Sam on Twitter here or visit her website here.


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