Postcards from Cornwall

Since I published The Postcard, I have had a few readers ask me about why I chose to set my story in Cornwall.


The truth is, I’m a little in love with the area, set on the far west of Britain, completely surrounded by sea and holding within its palm an incredible rugged beauty, charm and intrigue.

There’s a little bit of mystery to it as well with breathtaking scenery that looks ever so slightly otherworldly, from quaint cottages that date back to medieval times to landscapes that look as if they border ghostly realms.

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I wanted a setting that could capture the beauty of sprawling sea and countryside and also a hint of magic for my ghost story and in a way I thought of Cornwall before I even thought of the story. And now, after having written The Postcard, I’ve left a small part of my heart there too.

.(The cottage pictured top left is in Tintagel, Cornwall … made famous in the Harry Potter film The Deathly Hallows)


Here are some more beautiful images of magical Cornwall … taken from Pinterest, which I’ve recently joined if you’d like to follow my boards here.

Hopefully these will brighten your day. xx

Imagine reading amongst the bluebells
Or here?












Inspirations behind ‘Sea Cottage’ in The Postcard …
Really you can’t go to Cornwall and not have a pasty.
Stairway to the sea at Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, England
The annual lantern parade in Truro


Land’s End, Cornwall, England



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