The Postcard cover reveal!

So yesterday the incredibly talented and fabulous designer and illustrator Tanya Bezuidenhout, of The Tin Can Studio, who just happens to be a great friend (yes, I am that lucky) sent me the cover for The Postcard. We’d been working on the draft for a couple of days, playing around with different ideas including using an actual postcard which just didn’t work somehow, then we had a meeting – where we really spoke about the story, its themes and tone and after a night filled with wine and chocolate, the following day she sent me what would turn out to be The One. You know, the one that was just so magical and perfect, and right it was love at first sight. I was blown away. Like seeing my story come to life in a way. The cover is just so cleverly done, with little elements that reflect the story, done in such an ethereal way. Like a branch of a tree that reflects the whimsicality of the story and the Christmas time setting. There’s something so indescribable about seeing the cover of your book for the first time, especially when it’s so beautiful – and in my case it’s the first ever cover of one of my books, making it that much more special and real I think. Here it is! Really hope you all like it. birdcage The Postcard, is my first novella, a magical ghost story set in Cornwall that follows the story of Ivy Everton, a children’s book illustrator who is starting a new life with her husband at a time when she feels like she needs her mother the most. Part magical ghost tale, part Christmas love story, The Postcard is about a love that transcends time, space and death, and will be releasing early December. xxxx


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